Field Staff

     Nicholas Myers is a native West Virginian who specializes in catching trout and smallmouth bass. With over 20 years of fishing experience he enjoys fishing WV rivers and creeks. He employs controlled depth fishing and jigging technique that triggers their aggression.
Jett Lappin is a Harristown, Illinois native who has been pursuing crappie for close to 15 years. He uses the Freaky Franks freaky worm to trigger the aggression of those central Illinois slabs. Jett's favorite fishing techniques are vertical jigging deep brush-piles and spider rigging for summer crappie. No matter the temperature, Jett is always out on the water searching for new ways to catch Illinois crappie with the help of Freaky Franks products. 
     Hunter James is a Virginia native who specializes in catching brooke trout, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass. He enjoys fishing streams using Freaky Frank's straight line jigging or controlled depth fishing method to trigger their aggression. His favorite trout fishing color is boom boom pink. 
     Logan Baker is a native West Virginian who specializes in catching trout and largemouth bass. He has three years of trout fishing experience. Logan enjoys fishing streams using Freaky Frank's straight line jigging or controlled depth fishing method to trigger their aggression. His favorite trout fishing color is Summit Blue. 
Michael Barefield is a native West Virginia with 15 years of fishing experience. He catches lots of trout fishing Boom Boom Pink Freaky Worm on his favorite stream the Elk river, Wv. He employees controlled depth fishing to trigger fishes aggression and catch more fish. 
Chris Brown is originally from West Virginia but currently resides in Strasburg, Virginia. He has over 20 years experience fishing for bass, trout, and crappie.  To him there's nothing like catching a trophy fish jig fishing the Freaky Worm. 
Joe Raines is a West Virginia native, who grew up trout fishing his whole life, but his life changed after catching his first Musky. He specializes in catching Musky in the rivers and lakes of West Virginia. His way of fishing is not for feeding Musky but for a reaction strikes. He fishes mostly in the spring, fall, and winter in West Virginia waters. Email him questions at
A native of Western Pennsylvania, Tom Kozlowski has spent over a decade chasing trout, salmon, and steelhead. Tom credits his passion for the outdoors to his father who started him off at a young age chasing panfish at a local pond. This passion has driven him across the world targeting a plethora of species from bonefish in the Bahamas, permit in Mexico, wild steelhead in the Olympic Peninsula, and all five species of salmon in Alaska. He can be found in the fall chasing trout and salmon in both PA and NY. Tom utilized various stream jigging and drifting techniques under a float with his centerpin to entice fish to hit. Email Tom with questions at
Hunter Taylor is a Virginia native with strong ties to the mountain state. He has over 20 years fishing experience catching tout, bass, crappie, perch, catfish, and carp. He is a family man who enjoys introducing his two daughters to the great outdoors. His father introduced him to the outdoors and fueled his addition to trout fishing. He employs straight line jigging and controlled depth fishing with the freaky worm to trigger their aggression in rivers, lakes, and ponds. He is open to answer any questions via email
Patrick Worley has passion for fishing and resides in Lawrenceburg, KY. He's spent his life in the outdoors and enjoys sharing those experiences with young outdoors men. Married to an understanding wife that never complains about his time spent outdoors. As busy as life gets, he always makes time to get outdoors. 
Aiden Lapp was born and raised in Bridgewater, VA.  He primarily fishes in the spring creeks and mountain streams of Va, but also enjoys fishing in WV. He spin and fly fishes for all species of trout with brook trout being his favorite. Aiden spends over 100 days a year targeting trout, largemouth, crappie, and smallmouth in the local rivers and lakes. His favorite color of Freaky Franks is Dry Fork Deceiver Firetail. Nothing gets him more fired up than catching some big ol’ trout!
Allen Lee hails from the bluegrass state Kentucky. He grew up fishing the waters around Knoxville, TN. Allen supports Kentucky Sportsman Association and enjoys teaching the youth how to hunt and fish. Allen likes to use controlled depth fishing to trigger their aggression. Allen's favorite color of freaky worm is Boom Boom Pink. 
Carson Raines is a West Virginia native and a lifetime Mountain State fisherman. He is a full-time college student but that doesn't stop him from finding time to fish. He enjoys catching bass, trout, and natives.He drift fishes the freaky worm under a float an catches large fish. 
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