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The 2.5” freaky worm is a high quality, soft plastic worm specifically designed to trigger aggression in trout, crappie, bluegill, walleye, sauger, or bass.

Our Mega Pack includes 10 of our most popular colors in a double-sided pocket size container: Boom Boom Pink (10), Pond Fork Yellow (10), Buffalo Orange (10), Shavers Chartreuse (10), Paw Paw Pearl (10), Elk Crush (10), Mud River Teaser (10), Gandy Candy (10), Floats (2) and 3 Jig Heads (jig head color may vary).

Recommended use: 1/32 oz jig head under a CRS Float.

Fish Just Can't Resist!

Freaky Worm Mega Pack (85/pack)

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