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Smallmouth Bass Can't Resist

Smallmouth bass are active feeder so use a bait that triggers their aggression. The freaky worm is an excellent choice to trigger smallmouth bass to strike. The tail of the bait and customized hand-poured plastic, gives it an erratic action smallmouth can't resist.

We recommend using a 1/0 hook, next thread the hook through the nose of the bait with the hook pointing out of the smooth section of the worm. Fish this bait with a fluorocarbon (Seaguar preferred) 6 to 10 lb test line for best result. Cast the worm into a fishy looking spot (logs, stickups, large rocks above and under the water, rocky points, weed beds, or fish actively feeding on top), then allow the worm time to sink (let it sink just out of site), next reel up the slack line while jerking the rod tip, watch for the worm to surface, once it surfaces then allow the worm to fall. The fish generally strike while the bait is falling or with the initial jerk of the bait. It is important to watch the action of the worm, the bait should have a underwater walk-the-dog action. If the worm is spinning, re-hook the worm straight or get a new one. Frank's Bass Sauce is a scent that increases your hook-ability.

Wear a good pair of polarized sunglasses and watch the action of the worm underwater. Most of the time, I see the fish strike before feeling a bite. Increase your chances of success this summer by fishing prime time (daylight and dusk), fluorocarbon line, polarized sunglasses, Freaky Frank's Bass Sauce, and the freaky worm XL.

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