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Catching One Hundred Trout in a Day

Catching 100 trout in a day is easier than it seems. Fisherman set goals, some goals are catching a brood trout, a limit, or the cycle (Brooke, Brown, Rainbow, Golden trout). Catching one hundred trout in day is a lofty goal that can be met through planning, strategizing, and capitalize on opportunities.


The most important part is selecting the correct location. Fish a stream or lake that is stocked with a large number of fish and within a few days after stocking. The weather is another key factor. A light rain, light chop on the water, or a warm sunny spring day are all prime. The time of year is important because the water temperature is a primary trout biting factor. Colder water temps the trout will bite better mid day and afternoon; smoke hole white, summit blue, and boom boom pink are good colors. Warmer temps trout will bite best early and late in the day; colors to start with are buffalo orange, pond fork or corn yellow, and boom boom pink. Fishing equipment makes a big difference. Fish a ML 9 foot rod with a quality fluorocarbon 4 lb test or 2 lb test line. Once a plan is created its time to create a strategy.


A successful day starts with a game plan. When the water is cold trout are going to be deep, therefor fish close to the bottom in the deeper portions of a hole. Use a slip float or traditional cast and retrieve with the freaky worm. It's the weighted tail of the freaky worm that generates the action fish just can't resist. Jig the worm so that the tail moves with a fine action, jerking the worm up and down does not look natural. For warm water use a float, jig the worm just off the bottom in a stream or 3-5 foot leader for lakes. Improvise and change strategies as the day unfolds, change up colors, fishing depth, speed of jig, and locations until the school is found and large numbers are being caught.

Trout #111


When trout bite a fisherman has to capitalize on every opportunity. Once a school is located cast in the same spot and focus on catching every bite. Do not set the hook to hard, it is easy to get excited and rip the hook out. It is recommended to retie after several fish or catching a brood trout. Take time to release fish unharmed so that other fisherman can enjoy the resource. A push button counter is recommend to keep track of numbers. The counter allows one to focus more on fishing and not keep track.

In summary, catching 100 trout can be done with planning, strategy, the freaky worm, and luck. Experience fishing the location exponentially increases ones odds of catching large numbers of trout. Fishing the correct technique/ worm color for the time of year, water temp, and weather conditions is essential for success. Focus on the float or jigging the worm to capitalize on every bite. Following these steps and executing a game plan will turn catching 100 trout in a day into a reality.

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