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Catching Summertime Trout

Summer Trout

Lots of fisherman turn to other fish species due to warm water during the summer months. However, catching summertime trout is easier than it seems. This how-to article gives tips for locating and catching summer trout.

Locating Summer Trout

The most important part of fishing is locating fish. Warm summer water temps drive trout into cold natural springs, tail waters, or head waters. Trout are sensitive to water temperature and seek out cooler well oxygenated water that the pre-mentioned waters provide. Cold water springs flowing into mountain streams are excellent for holding summertime trout. In tail waters trout school up next to the spillway where the coolest and most oxygenated water flows. Head water of streams fish will hold near the bottom of shaded deeper structured (wood, rocks, ledges) pockets. Check water flows , discharge times, and weather before going fishing.

Fishing Technique

Presentation is key for catching educated summer trout. The Freaky Worms tail is designed to trigger trouts aggression to strike. The action of the tail is key, which the fisherman controls with a fine jigging cadence (twitching the rod up and down). Before fishing the freaky worm jig it in the water and watch for tail, jig the worm with a fine cadence so that the tail wiggles without jerking the worm up and down. Controlled depth fishing (CDF) is a technique that trout just can't resist. For best results with CDF use a one inch cigar or pear float with a 1/32 ounce jig head. Fish CDF with a leader deep enough that the worm is just up off the stream bottom. Cast the float and worm into the current up stream and allow the jig head to sink before starting the fine jigging cadence. Most strikes will come from working the worm between the fast and slower water (in the current line). Another technique is to use small split shots one to two foot up from a small straight or wacky hooked Freaky Worm. Fish the split shot technique slower by twitching the rig along the bottom. CDF and split shoting techniques are effective for catching trout year around. If fish are being finicky use Freaky Franks trout sauce to entice them into biting.


Summer time is a great opportunity to catch trout. Do not give up on trout due to warm water or stock truck not running (some states stock in the summer)-get out and fish because streams and tail waters still hold catch-able fish. Do some research and find locations where cool water runs into a stream or find a spillway of tail waters that releases water from the bottom of a lake. Next, employ CDF or split shot technique with a Freaky Worm and start catching fish. Take time to enjoy the scenery and until the next blog- tight lines.

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