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Controlled Depth Fishing Technique

Controlled Depth Fishing

There are many effective fishing techniques that fisherman use to catch fish. Traditional cast and retrieve, jigging, rigs, and float methods are common practice. Controlled depth fishing combines all techniques to trigger their aggression.


Controlled depth fishing method includes a float, jighead, and lure. Depending on the depth and flow of the water use a 1/32 ounce jighead. Freaky worms are ideal for controlled depth fishing because the fish just can't resist the action of the weighted tail. Use a round float to slow down the bait down or a cigar float for a faster retrieve. For a light bite use a smaller float. A 9 foot rod is ideal for employing this method because it allows one to cast a deeper leader, control drift with the ability to lift line out of the water, and jig the freaky worm correctly. Fish can see line, so use 6 lb or lighter for trout or crappie, we recommend Seaguar flurocarbon. Invest in a good pair of polarized glasses to visualize the fish.


The technique is simple in design, easy to learn, and fish just can't resist. Adjust the float depth to the level of the fish. To catch epic numbers of fish this step takes experience to analyze the conditions (time of day, time of year, water clarity, water temp, fish behavior) and adjust the speed, technique, depth of leader, size of float, size of jighead, color of freaky worm, and targeted species of fish.


This fishing technique is unlike any other and will set you apart from other fisherman. Controlled depth fishing technique takes patience, time, and commitment but once its mastered fish just can't resist. The Freaky Frank's Freaky Worm is the lure of choice, change the way you fish!

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